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Fleet Informatie Management Software

With our exceptionally powerful PowerTrace web we give the following services:

Online tracking of your vehicles 24/7/365
Mileage Registration private and / or business
Overview of trips, parking and stop times
Geofencing institution
Online Fuel monitoring
Communication via GSM / GPRS.
Data storage for 15 months
Information downloaded in XML, CSV for management information.
Online monitoring via Smartphone

With Power Trace you do not need to invest in expensive office software and maps. Power Trace provides management and updates.


The reporting provides you the opportunity to quickly review the asset history during the period specified, with additional 15 months of archived data. All activity associated with the asset is included in the history report: automatic reporting, alerts, warnings, commands sent to the unit, email/SMS notifications sent to the customer - all can be reviewed using this one single report.


With the special tool you can easily draw an area on the map. You give this zone a own name. You can option the messages indicate that you want to receive a notification when the vehicle is moving within the zone and, for example when the vehicle leaves the zone. You can also send customers a message by e-mail or SMS. Especially useful for courier services. This will allow significant cost savings, and you create good customer binding.
Also you can park your vehicles in a secure parking area. If one of your vehicle is stolen and leave this zone it can be that you will receive an SMS alert.
Also on your own business , hospital-area , airfields, etc., You can create zones excact so you can see if your supplier(s) are in to the right zone.

Sensor overzicht

With PowerTrace sensors you have the following options. With unique VB serie you can monitoring Fuel usage. You have online monitoring and you can see excact where you driver tanks and how much. Is fuel stolen you will see it in reports with location, date and time.
Also we can monitor temperature, engine, cargoload sensors etc.

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